Weekly News – January 13

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Serta “uptier” back in the spotlight

You be the Judge:
Should an “open-market” purchase be open to all
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Is John Ray the right man for the job?

Sullivan & Cromwell conflicts take center stage

SBF himself jumps into the fray!

Check that couch!

Maybe the Economist got it right?

Voyager UCC under siege from customers

BBBY fire sale!

Endo 363 sale under fire

What we’re reading: Reorg 2022 Year in Review

Delaware beats out SDNY and SDTX in 2022

2023 Themes: Private Equity Scrutinized

Inflation downshifts…

leading to bond rally

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January 26: ABI: Rocky Mountain Bankruptcy Conference

January 31: TMA: 2023 Distressed Investing Conference

February 6: ABI: Caribbean Insolvency Symposium

March 29: Debtwire: CLO Investor Summit 2023

April 13: 2023 Financial Restructuring Roundtable

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