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Are we finally seeing cracks?

Music to my ears…

NRG recovery tables out

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The perfect storm

Grudge match continues

Creditors fight back

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Our take:
Enough is enough! The Sanchez saga takes the “bad behavior reward” for wanton disregard of creditor rights.

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Should litigation funders be able to take 90% of class rights?

Silicon Valley gets even messier

Purdue Pharma sneak peak
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Professor Anthony Casey

Professor Samir Parikh

Professor Ralph Brubaker

Professor Adam Levitin (c/o Credit Slips)

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Purdue Pharma

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Global peace starts to break out

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Fannie & Freddie shareholders notch a win

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2023 CRC Allocators Conference

Beard Investing Conference

CRC weighs in on Serta

Contributors Speak Up

What to expect in the next default cycle

We asked Contributors Bradford Sandler and Sidney Levinson to weigh in on what we should expect in the next default cycle.

Professor Edward Altman recently noted in a paper published with the Creditor Rights Coalition that the Benign Credit Cycle is over. He sees a reversion to the mean in terms of defaults and recoveries in 2023. But he also sees many risks on the horizon making a Stress or even in a “hard-landing†scenario a possibility (with 8-10% default rates). Put your prediction caps on. What do you see and expect? Where do you expect restructuring activity to increase? Are we in for more bankruptcies? Or, more (yawn yawn) extend and pretend? Will RSAs rule the day? Or, will we see more traditional in-court restructurings? What will this new environment look like?

Read on.

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Where Are We In The Credit Cycle?

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