Weekly News – April 21

BBBY on the chopping block

2022’s liability management exercise becomes 2023’s BK


Exclusionary tactics exposed

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We will continue your fight!

Our take:
LoPucki was criticized by some (not us…) as a lone wolf  in calling out debtor overreach.
Time will prove his views to be prescient in our opinion.

We are cautiously optimistic that the mantle will be carried on by others willing to stand up to protect creditor rights. 

Serta’s “open-market” purchase on appeal

J&J deja vu


Fraudulent conveyance remedies strengthened

What we’re reading

Do you think BK courts should adopt a more familiar corporate fiduciary duty framework?

Earnings season starting

BofA predicts “mild recession ahead”

Corporate bonds see some stress

JPM on credit strategy

CRE in the news (again…)

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June 27, 2023

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