Weekly News – September 2

Big news out of the 9th Circuit

“Bankruptcy Directors” at it again!

UCC Emergency Motion to stop Altera from blessing Brookfield-led insider transactions

Time for the debtors to step aside…

Academics criticize Texas Two-Step

SDNY denies LATAM appeals

LATAM Opinions on Appeal

A&P Appeal Opinion and Order

TLA Claimants Appeal Opinion and Order

Bed, Beth & Beyond restructuring plan

The new canary in the coal mine

Another Delaware bankruptcy court approves third-party releases amidst disagreements with other Circuits

Endo proposes 363 sale to sidestep creditors

Energy crisis hits Europe…

Lumileds — DIP backstop and lender fees under scrutiny

Powell speaks….

Private credit not funny anymore

Tweet of the week…

New event: American College of Investment Counsel Annual Meeting

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