Weekly News – November 18

VOX interview captures it all

John Ray fires the first shots in Delaware

JPLs (Bahamas) fire back in SDNY!

J. Wiles calls b*sht on venue-shopping

Bat-sh*t crazy… you can’t make this up

well yes you can…

Paul Weiss drops SBF

Could this be the reason?

Can someone please explain this??

Come on shooter!

Hot off the presses: Interim Celsius Examiner
Report (not looking good for custody accounts…)

PE Beware: Bausch pauses on Spin over solvency concerns

Revlon unraveling??

What?? No Fiduciary Out??

J. Glenn considers “death sentence”
(seems kinda overkill to us) no pun intended

What we’re reading…

Inflation cooling?

Q4 earnings contraction

Morgan Stanley’s Wilson predicting
2023 3,000-3,300 S&P 500 trough

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