Weekly News – June 24

Symposium on Intra-Creditor Class Warfare

What is class warfare?
How we got here?
Where do we go from here?

Held June 21

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The Symposium brought together leading academics, practitioners, investors and market participants to discuss the rise of intra-creditor conflict and where we go from here.

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Uptier transactions in the cross-hairs

The primary market has responded forcefully to uptier transactions by blocking them nearly 70% of the time in large syndicated loan transactions

Evolution of Lien Subordination Blockers

Some conclusions…

The latest meme stock

Short squeeze anyone?

But don’t forget that $500 million Citibank fat-finger…

Who can assert the $500 million claimagainst Revlon?

The Texas-Two Step going international?

Bitcoin Beta

Coinbase unsecured bonds compared to Bitcoin

Inflation, inflation, read all about it

Bill Ackman warns inflation is spiraling; sees 5% fed funds rate

Are we already in an inflation-adjusted recession?

@ABI New York bankruptcy conference

The definitive 62-page guide on make-wholes

Davis Polk on make-whole enforceability in bankruptcy

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