Weekly News – June 2

Historic US default averted!

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Another “PET” (a/k/a uptier) bites the dust!

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DIPs are the new exit
and why not with these fees!?!?!

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Our take:
It’s hard to be a creditor when 27% of the common is reserved for a DIP to exit facility. 

KKR-backed Genesis files for BK

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Third party releases are back!

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz on the Purdue opinion

2nd Circuit Opinion here

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Did the Court get it right? Will the standard articulated by the 2nd Circuit prove to be more rigorous than current practice? Will this guidance now make the SDNY a more welcoming place for tort cases? How will creditors fair under this new regime?

FTX examiner decision up to 3rd Circuit

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Double-dip financing is back!

What we’re watching

Resilient HY market?

Or, just the calm before the storm?

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“Open Market” Purchases

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Should an “open market” purchase be liberally construed to conform to sophisticated parties intentions or are there other limiting factors?
(answers remain anonymous

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Where Are We In The Credit Cycle?

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