Weekly News – July 8

The latest decision on coercive debt exchanges

TPC Court Agrees with Serta rejecting
Trimark’s “all for one, one for all†approach

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Super Repeaters: the latest on Independent Directors

LevFin Insights: Super Repeaters out in Force

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Debt Hangover

Wall Street faces billion dollar losses on sinking buyout debt

Citrix bankers test appetite for long-awaited LBO debt

Lawyers trying to make sense of bitcoin

Deutsche Bank default rate projections

We see no rationale for the stock

but hope springs eternal…

@ABI New York bankruptcy conference

What we’re listening to

9fin: The Rumble in the Refi Jungle

Professor Ed Altman on Zombie Companies

Hunting for Zombie Companies: An interview with Professor Ed Altman

Debt Market Complexity: Shadowed Practices and Financial Injustice

Coming October 7, 2022

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