Weekly News – July 29

And the winner was…


High yield rebound?

Coast looks clear!

But… the bad news keeps coming

Look out below!!!
2023 S&P expectations fall off a cliff

Are markets getting ahead of themselves?

Bank for International Settlements: Hard or Soft Landing?

Amend-and-extend activity soars in June, with borrowers extending $27B

Bankruptcy trumps FERC

Wachtell: FERC Cannot Stop Bankrupt Companies from Rejecting Energy Transportation Contracts

CSFB does the right thing
only after covering its a** in the latest uptier

Pay the piper!

Venue shopping redux

Teva & Allergan opioid settlements top $6 billion

Russia CDS auction allowed to proceed

Proskauer: How will Russian sanctions impact credit default swaps?

Third Circuit condones ethical lapses for bankruptcy professionals

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