Weekly News – January 6

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December 29: Bahamas says its seized
$3.5 BILLION in FTX Crypto Assets

December 30: Debtors say $3.5 BILLION is

But wait… Bahamas responds…

We give up! This is all batsh*t stupidity…

DOJ comes in over the top
and shows everyone who is boss

next shoe to drop in the crypto-verse?

The clock is ticking…

Corporates have to be less exciting than this?
Nope: 3M in the HOT Seat

bankruptcies coming….

and another…

Contracts matter in crypto cases:
Judge Glenn rules in Celsius

Ligado: the 9 Lives of Bankruptcy

Distressed is back!

Loan market showing some cracks…

6-month treasuries at 4.8%!!!!

What we’re reading…

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