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More airline turbulence

Diamond Sports in deal with Amazon

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Dish creditors organize

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Contributors Speak Up
Our Contributors weigh in on the Incora decision

Some excerpts below:

This may indicate that debtors considering non-pro rata liability management transactions face a risk that claims brought by excluded lenders may go to trial, even in bankruptcy courts.

This is the furthest that a tortious interference claim against an equity sponsor has proceeded, and signals that some courts will be open to such claims.

While the Court dismissed the bad faith claims, who cares! (TriMark and Mitel also dismissed those claims).

This is the first decision of its kind. If replicated elsewhere, it could allow excluded lenders to litigate similar claims outside of bankruptcy court, by having those claims withdrawn to a federal district judge or potentially remanded to a state court.

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FTX Examiner ruling comes down

Private credit ain’t cheap…

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Bruce Richards on the Markets

Bruce Richards, CEO
Marathon Asset Management
insights on markets, investing and more!

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Contributors Speak Up:
Our Contributors take on DQ provisions

We take on Disqualified Lender provisions. We were shocked by what we learned, Not only are distressed investors targeted but usually weeks if not months after a trade occurs. Serta, Packers and Bijyu’s are the latest examples of a troubling trend.

Read what Contributors Paul Silverstein, Justin Forlenza, Sid Levinson and Jim Millar have to say about this topic.

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Contributors Speak Up:
Venue Reform in the Spotlight

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Contributors Speak Up:
SCOTUS takes on Purdue

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CRC weighs in on Serta

Special Feature:

Where Are We In The Credit Cycle?

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